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    Final Expense

  • Do I need to pay my premiums for many years before the policy will pay out my selected face amount?

    No, most Final Expense plans will pay out right away. For example: If you had a level benefit face amount of $15,000, and you passed away 2 months after the policy effective date, your family member would receive the full amount even though you only paid 2 months of premiums.
  • Does a Final Expense plan build cash value as I pay my premium?

    Yes, all of our Final Expense plans will build up cash value as you pay your premiums. You can access your cash value if you need money in a pinch.
  • Can I get Final Expense insurance if I have bad Health?

    Yes, you can get coverage regardless of your health. There are plans which are guaranteed issue, which means there are no health questions. Also, if you feel you are in good health you may qualify for lower premiums. Our licensed insurance specialist will help you get the best plan for your specific situation.
  • Can I add coverage to my existing Final Expense insurance?

    You can always add coverage, as a matter of fact, you can have multiple policies in force on any person at the same time. You can also reduce your coverage at any time.
  • Will my insurance premiums go up over time?

    NO, your premiums will never increase over time. Your face amount will never decrease either. Both are fixed and will never change.
  • Medicare Supplement

  • Can the insurance company reject my claim for any reason, such as worsening health?

    NO, the insurance companies have no decision making power when if comes to your claims. If Medicare approves the claim, your Medicare Supplement has to approve and pay as well.
  • Can I change my Medicare Supplement plan if my health isn’t the best?

    Yes, all Medicare Supplement insurance companies do ask health questions, however our licensed insurance specialists will search through all the companies and pair you with the company that is best for you and your budget.
  • Can I choose my own doctor or any doctor I want to?

    Yes, there are no networks with Medicare Supplement plans. You can use them anywhere Medicare is approved.
  • Why should I switch my Medicare Supplement if my current plan has always paid my bill?

    All Medicare Supplements must pay the same as they federally mandated to pay the bill once approved by Medicare. All companies have to offer the exact same coverage, however there can be a big difference in the premiums they charge.
  • Can I change my Medicare Supplement at anytime during the year?

    Yes, you can change your Medicare Supplement at anytime throughout the year. However, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Prescription Drug plan you are locked into those plans until the end of the year.